How To Cure Hiccups

// October 12th, 2007 // Health

My Nobel Prize will be in the post shortly, as I have deduced a foolproof method to cure hiccups! (Well, it works for me anyway.) And it is simple and easy.

All you do is concentrate very hard on the sensation of the hiccup coming up your windpipe. Just block everything else out and focus all your perceptions on how that hiccup will feel as it is travelling up the oesphagus… and it will NEVER COME.

Let me know if this works for you too!

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  1. Ant says:

    Actually, I heard of a cure that works well with kids; you challenge them to hiccup again, just one more and they will get all the money in your wallet. They of course will be desperate to hiccup again, the filthy little money grubbers, but they won’t. I believe it’s the excitement, adrenaline perhaps – like a fright can stop them – and concentrating on hiccuping that seems to prevent it. In a sense, similar to what you do with your cure perhaps.

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