Things That Annoy Me

// September 21st, 2007 // Life

When you are babysitting a dog, well, a puppy really, and you leave it in the house alone for a couple of hours, and then when you come back, it has EATEN your couch. As in ripped the couch open, torn out the stuffing, and strewn it all over the room. Then you call the insurance company who has your home & contents policy. Hooray! You are covered for random dog eatage of furniture. But then they insist that you get a quote to repair the couch (even though it is clearly beyond repair). So you call upholsterers, and you leave messages, and, quelle surprise! No one is interested in coming to look at your dog munched sofa. So you ring the insurance company, and they can’t recommend anyone to come and look at it. Now, a special loss adjuster is coming to have a look at at and report back. Sigh.

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