Semester Two

// June 20th, 2007 // Science, Study

I have just enrolled in the following two papers for next semester:

BMSC 241 – Heredity and Gene Expression
An introduction to the structure and behaviour of chromosomes, genes, DNA; and to the processes of heredity and the mechanisms by which genetic information is transmitted and expressed in humans and other animals. Some discussion of the genetics of plants and micro-organisms is included. Introduction to DNA technologies.

BMSC 243 – Physiology and Pharmacology
Included in this course will be the study of the functioning and roles of the central and peripheral nervous and hormonal systems in control of cardiovascular and respiratory activity, digestion and absorption, metabolic responses to different environmental and energy demands; sensory systems; muscle physiology, etc. The emphasis is on mammalian physiology with particular reference to human functions. The elements of pharmacology are introduced in the context of modulation of normal function.

My dream of becoming Dana Scully is moving closer… pass me the red hair dye….

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