Your Help Needed!

// May 8th, 2007 // Obsessions

My friend Karen and I are embarking on a new business venture – an online t-shirt store. But we are having a mental block over the NAME! We’ve narrowed it down to these three names and would love to have some feedback from the public at large. So please, feel free to answer the following survey:

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  1. Simon Dixon says:



    Cover Up

    Cover Me

    T Me

  2. Deborah says:

    Hi there,
    Great idea, Ems, you being the T-shirt Queen.

    There seems to be an accent on the knickers. Perhaps you secretly want to make underpants? Are T-shirts underwear? How about Top Half? Or On-top? Or Top Up? Or T-Up? Ts4All?

    Sorry, just getting silly. Best wishes, XX Deborah

  3. Brenda says:

    Sorry, Emily, don’t like any of your suggestions! I think they’re too much; try some simple like: “OnTee”
    I’ll let you know if I think of anything more imaginative…

  4. Samuel says:

    superluxe duds is too 90s

  5. Maria says:

    Hmm – what about Tee Vine (instead of Devine get it?!)

  6. rosie says:

    hmm I don’t think I like any of these either, sorry! I wil rack my brains to give you some helpfull feed back soon.

  7. Martha Craig says:

    I really like Superluxe Duds, I don’t think it is 90s, I think it is awesomely 50s.

  8. Chris says:

    Is Not Your Undies NYU, like New York University? Hmmm, don’t think I like the names either………I shall ponder.

  9. Karen says:

    Wow, Hey thanks for all your fabulous feedback, it is most helpful.
    May I just add that we are hoping to get a dot com so that is the reason the names listed aren’t particularaly straight forward. Anything slightly T shirt related is already taken – Alas!

  10. nix says:

    I’m not good at this naming stuff but I’m following this with interest. I would love some cool new Ts!

  11. Ange says:

    This is very unusual – but I really like M’s suggestion!????!!!!

  12. Rachel says:

    Great idea guys. Hi Karen long time no see – hope you are well!! If you need someone to do your accounts or office space not far from your house Emily give me a call. Will you be up and running soon? I need some T shirts done for the 20th Wellington Fringe Film Festival in July.

  13. Samuel says:

    Th thing is Martha, being awesomley 50s is TOTALLY 90s. Hmm so is the 70s. and now the 80s is totally 00s except that all the NY hipsters are dressing grunge which means the 90s are now the 00s which means the 50s via the 90s must now be the 00s and therefore really cool.

    And really cool isn’t cool anymore so Supperlux is out.

    What about “Hot as All Hell Tshirts”

    or “My TShirt Rules”

    or Mr T Shirts

  14. Bryn Tilly says:

    Sorry, but I didn’t really dig any of those finalists …
    Here are five suggestions of mine:

    — Tees R Us
    — Cotton Fields Forever!
    — Another 100% Quality T-Shirt
    — Awesome Threads
    — Torso

    Good luck!

  15. Noo Noo says: has not been taken.

    Nor has

  16. Sunshine says:

    What a wonderful lot of brainstorming.

    I think ‘From Bottom Up’ might be my favourite option.

    Good luck with the venture!

  17. sue says:

    ooo and you can come play with martha and i at craft fairs :)

  18. Doug says:

    A bit late I know, I didn’t like any of the above.
    I don’t even think my suggestion is very imaginative:-
    Crap eh! But what would I know,
    DFKB Doug.
    All the best …sincerely.

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