MRI: Not For The Fainthearted!

// May 28th, 2007 // Health, Life

I had a terrifying experience on Friday with my first ever go in an MRI machine. I had this weird tingliness in my right arm and face a while ago, and the neurologist didn’t think it was anything serious, but put me on the waiting list for an MRI anyway. It must have been the non-urgent waiting list, as I didn’t get an appointment for EIGHT months!

Anyway I turned up on Friday, not too worried as I had never thought of myself as a claustrophobic person. I was more worried about accidentally having my keys in my pocket or something – the MRI is basically a giant magnet and you can’t take any metal into the room with you. It was all fine until I came into the room and the first thing I noticed was how small the hole is that they slide you into. Only about 2.5 feet in diameter. Then I had to lie down and wiggle my head into a plastic white cage thing. Finally the chap placed a big button in my left hand and said to squeeze it if I needed to come out. For some reason I had thought they would only slide my head in, but no, I was then slid headfirst all the way into the tiny white tube.

The sensation of being slid in was horrible, kind of like what being put in a mortuary drawer. The white cage was about 2 inches from my nose, and the ceiling of the tube about another 2 inches above that. I had to shut my eyes and just concentrate on breathing slowly in and out. My heart was pounding! It was a real instinctual panic feeling that I just had to suppress. I really didn’t want to press the button as I didn’t want to contemplate being slid back in again after coming out. I had planned to try and go over some study in my head (I had a test that afternoon), but I could barely count to ten!

After twenty minutes of this and with ghastly loud scanning noises all around, I was slid out. I had flashbacks of that white padded ceiling inches from my face all day!!

Not sure when I’ll get the results, but I just hope that they got a good scan cos I never want to go back in that tube again!! Eep!

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  1. Tricia says:

    Sorry you had the sustained fear! I got over mine after about 5 minutes. I think I got bored and just started daydreaming to the rhythm of that loud hammering. I hope your results are good indeed!

    p.s. our town is missing the Phoenix Foundation very much.

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