Drug May Counteract Down Syndrome

// February 27th, 2007 // Health, Science

Exciting medical news today that researchers have found a possible drug to counteract the cognitive difficulties caused by Down Syndrome.

Researchers gave low doses of a human drug to mice bred to mimic the learning and memory problems in people with Down syndrome. After as little as two weeks, the impaired mice performed as well as normal ones in learning tests, and the improvement lasted for up to two months after treatment ended. more

Of course, mice are not people, and clinical trials are still a couple of years off. Still, it’s a bit of a bombshell to the DS community as I don’t think anyone had any thoughts of a pharmaceutical product that could “cure” DS. Great to see that those little DS mice are having such great benefits already.

And you can Adopt-A-Mouse to further support research into the causes and treatments of Down Syndrome.

I’ll be following this research with great interest!

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