Christmas Seems So Long Ago…

// February 23rd, 2007 // Life

I have just uploaded a zillion photos from the whanau Christmas that seems so long ago now… If you are a member of said whanau, you may want to check it out! Sorry to report that my attempt to take a Christmas day portrait of everyone was ruined because I forgot two members of the family!! Apologies Jake and Rosie. What can I say, I was tipsy and overly ambitious.

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  1. rosie says:

    HARUMPH!!!! at least jake is in SOME photos. There is not a SINGLE photo of me in this whole collection. It is a if I wasn’t even there. Maybe this is illustrative of my position in this family NON EXHISTANT.

    I am half joking… actually I am 10% joking and 90% actually offended. I didn’t bother taking photos on christmas day because camera addicts like you and mum and jake were going to supply me of plenty of evidence. When looking through the photo albums in years to come harry will ask ” is that the christmas aunty rosie was is jail?” and your reply : ” no dear, she was in an enduced coma, by us, so she wouldn’t pollute our christmas photos’


  2. emily says:

    OMG! I’m so sorry Rosie, you are right that there WERE none of you. But only cos I forgot to upload any from the last couple of days when for some reason I took ALL my photos of you – plus I found a couple from Xmas day – so now there are HEAPS of you up there… There is so much responsibility in being a camera addict isn’t there? Sorry darling xxxx

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