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// January 4th, 2007 // Life

Wow, here I am, back on the internet for the first time in one and a half weeks! Amazing. We had a full on family Christmas in the Wairarapa. Everyone was there and it was a crazy orgy of consumerism and indulgence. Archie and Harry had a lovely day. NYE was supposed to be a big party on the front lawn, but sadly the weather turned to absolute crap, so it became more huddling around a brazier trying to keep warm, and the fireworks were too damp to light. But we still had fun. The next day, Jan 1st, is the birthday of my darling life partner, so may I take this opportunity for a belated:

Happy Birthday Jan!

She was very spoiled by the family and we had a nice dinner out in Greytown. Arrived back home on Tuesday, and then spent the day yesterday with some old friends from Sydney, Paul and Matt, who have sadly picked the coldest summer in the history of Wellington to pay a visit. Had fun showing them the town despite the chill. Depressingly however most of the bars and restaurants in Welly seem to be CLOSED at the moment – on the rare occasions that we pay a babysitter and get out of the house, it would be nice if there was somewhere to go! Even the Matterhorn was closed – I mean, where are the holidaymakers supposed to go for fun in this town? It’s the THIRD OF JANUARY, not bloody new years day – argh! Plenty of punters out and about though, with the result that anywhere that was open was full full full. We ended up having dinner at Floriditas but had to wait for 45 minutes and half of the mains were no longer available due to lack of supplies. Still it was delicious.

Enough raving, now to sort through the 600+ emails I received while I was away!

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  1. Ant says:

    v. belated happy birthday Jan! big kiss n’ hug to you. Love, Ant xo

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