// December 5th, 2006 // Science

I was excited to read today that Stephen Hawking thinks we should colonize other planets. I am behind this 100%!! I’ve always thought that should be the prime goal of our society, because up until that goal is reached, we have all our eggs in one BASKET and that is never clever. Once we have a few colonies, our species should be pretty safe from annihilation. Forget these low tech space shuttles and the like, we need to be pouring cash into faster-than-light travel or at least nearly-as-fast-as-light travel.

The amount of money spent on this kind of endeavour is very sad. Take the US defense budget and spend it on space travel and nanotechnology and solar energy research; we could work our way out of this hole we’re in. Science is our only hope.

Let’s get off this rock and become the interstellar empire we are destined to!!

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