// December 21st, 2006 // Life

Christmas madness has taken over in our household and I am finding it very difficult to get any work done! Can’t wait for Christmas Day, mainly so all this insanity can end and we can have a nice relaxing break.

Today is the occasion of my father’s 64th birthday! We have just been out for a nice lunch at Chow. He has shown no signs of slowing down I must say!

Happy Birthday Daddles!

Jake arrived from Sydney last night, Rosie is already here somewhere!! And Ned and Din tomorrow night – the stars are aligning for a big family Christmas!

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  1. Good grief, there is a lot of Antipodean getting it on in Autumn, with all these Dec/Jan birthdays. Enjoy the family gatherings. Ignore work. It will still be there when all this all blows over. Happy Christmas etc. from CA.

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