Birthday Lurve

// December 19th, 2006 // Life

Sending out the birthday love (in blatant Pink is the New Blog rip-off style, but with orange), to my darling brother Samuel and my lovely friend Audrey. Hope you guys have a fantastic day! We <3 you both!

Sam & Audrey!

And while I’m at it, a belated birthday shout out to the one, the only HELEN, my gorgeous mother. Who valiantly spent her entire birthday looking after Harry while we were in hospital with Archie. We owe you big time Mummy! Mwah!


Wow, it feels good to use lots of exclamation marks and use <3′s. Very liberating.

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  1. Noo Noo says:

    Don’t thank me – I had a great day on the town with Harry. He loves to shop and hang out in cafes, so it was the perfect birthday! Thanks, Harry.

  2. Noo Noo says:

    I must be out of touch. What does

  3. Samuel says:

    i think mum means what does

  4. emily says:

    I think you all mean, what does <3 mean! And the answer is “heart” – awww.

  5. Samuel says:

    woah thats not what i wrote….there was much more rambling. how weirdz

    tha joanna cd is sooooooooooooooo amazing.

  6. Noo Noo says:

    Thanks, Emily. I

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