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// November 28th, 2006 // Life

While some people have used November 2006 as an inspirational month in which to post every single day (well done Wanda), others have seen it as an opportunity to let their blogs wither and die in an arid desert of neglect. Such is my choice and I hope you can respect that.

Also Sophie pointed out that my entire navigation has disappeared, a fact which did not catch my eye, lord only knows how long that situation has persisted.

Despite these flaws, Jemsweb lives on! And here is a quick summary of what life has been holding these last couple of weeks:

  1. Had very very crap Chemistry exam (Emily)
  2. Got an A+ for Human Biology – hurrah! (Emily)
  3. Celebrated 15th anniversary (Emily & Jan)
  4. Went to Wanganui for a 60th birthday (entire family)
  5. Got attacked by a dog but escaped serious injury (X & Emily)
  6. Were visited by lovely international playboy uncle from L.A. (entire family)
  7. Said the words “Hello Ma” (Archie)
  8. Had several school visits to new school and am very proud of new school going future (Archie)
  9. Continued reign of terror mixed with irresistable charm (Harry Barry)
  10. Looked fabulous (Jan)

Archie is up for an operation on 13th December – he’s having his adenoids trimmed and possibly tonsils removed. Do they still give you ice cream like in all the old movies? If so, he’ll be keen!

6 Responses to “Slack Lazy No-Hoper Bloglessness”

  1. PatrickQG says:

    Back (not that long ago, really) when I was a young pup, I had something done to my adenoids. Though I believe they left my tonsils alone. At any rate, I got ice cream. Oh my was that ice cream good.

    Sadly I believe the hospital where I had that operation has since closed I believe (Sisters of Mercy? Something like that.)

  2. Samuel says:

    i am coming over, soon. maybe today. be ready!

  3. Martha Craig says:

    I wouldn’t recommend blogging everyday. It takes about 2 days to write everything you know, and the rest is just killing time.

  4. rosie says:

    Archie said ‘hello ma”? That is awesome! what a genius little boy! Now i feel all teary and missing of the family. Not long now though, just enough time for archie to learn “hello auntie rosie”

  5. Karen says:

    Yay for Archie! That is fantastic news! Give him a kiss from me.

  6. hers says:

    What a tremendously exciting list.

    Congrats on the 15 years. That’s a biggie.

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