One Down…

// October 27th, 2006 // Culture, Study

Had the exam this morning for Human Biology; it didn’t go too badly, though the essay questions were not at all what I was expecting – grrr. Now just my chemistry one in two weeks and then – freedom for the summer!!

To celebrate, here is possibly the best 80′s music video of them all. Not only are there doves, billowing red curtains and large hair; but also ninjas, loincloths and flying choirboys… yes folks, it’s Bonnie Tyler!!

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  1. Martha says:

    Not to mention the fact she looks a bit like Princess Di at the beginning.

    What are the lyrics that sound like “living in a party gang”?. I have only just realised that mustn’t be the ACTUAL lyrics, because what is a party gang, and if there is one – can I join?

  2. emily says:

    Aha, I think you mean the fabulous line:

    “We’re livin’ in a powderkeg and giving off sparks”

    Yeah, right on Bonnie.

  3. hers says:

    What a blast from the past. I just love the hair and make-up.

  4. Blast from the past, indeed! This might have to be my dad’s fav. tune of all time. We had it in vinyl, we had the video, he has the cd and STILL talks about it 20 some odd years later!

    Good luck with Chem and here’s to a lovely summer.

  5. mark says:

    Yes, this video clip is a must see, managing to combine a range of 80′s cliches, plus more! Beware those who try to analyse the symbolism. I had a copy of it in the mid 90s and watched it over and over with equally mesmerised house guests.

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