Sam’s Biggest Fan

// September 12th, 2006 // Kids, Life, Music

Archie is absolutely obsessed with the Samuel Flynn Scott track, War Over Water. It all started when I posted the video to this blog a couple of weeks ago and Archie wanted to watch it every night before he went to bed. So then I played it to him on the stereo and now we have to listen to it roughly 50 times a day. Unfortunately as soon as it goes into the next track, he makes us skip back to War Over Water again. It says something for the brilliance of the track that I can still enjoy it!!

You want proof? Check out this clip… (sorry about the quality)

6 Responses to “Sam’s Biggest Fan”

  1. hers says:

    This post needs to display a Cute Advisory Warning. ;)


  2. Ant says:

    heh heh, yes too cute indeed!
    it’s bend over and slap your shins fun!
    Love how Harry has learnt to dance like Archie.
    great vid, thanks :)

  3. Samuel says:

    he’s a good lad…i didn’t even have to pay him

  4. Noo Noo says:

    my darling grandsons dancing to my darling boy’s music. What more could a Noo Noo ask for?

  5. org says:

    aaaaaaww shucks! archie is my fave dancer in the world! oh but please don’t tell my darling harry… xx

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