Monday Recap

// September 18th, 2006 // Culture, Life, Study

The Phoenix Foundation gig at the San Fran Bathhouse on Friday was so freakin’ cool! There were some great new songs and they played my fave unreleased track 40 Years. I really love me a TPF gig and it was a huge crowd! In fact a bit too huge and I couldn’t squeeze into my usual prime photo position at the front corner no matter how hard I shoved. Cassette were fab too, I had never seen them live before believe it or not. Nice for me & Jan to get out to a gig, drink beer and get in touch with the “youf” eh. Also this weekend, took boys to Seatoun and played on the beach, and went to effortlessly cool birthday party of Wanda offspring – well it seemed effortless to us the attendees, I’m sure there was at least a modicum of effort.

Today at school we learned about chicken embryos. Fascinating stuff about how the cells differentiate into different layers that then become other parts and so on. Now back in my cupboard slaving over a hot keyboard.

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  1. Lisa says:

    it was crazy full. i couldn’t stand in one place for more than 5 seconds without someone shoving me out of their way to get to the bar.

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