Rock Bottom?

// August 25th, 2006 // Culture

Yes, I have been listening to the new Paris Hilton album.

No, I didn’t pay any money for it.

Shockingly it is actually a fantastic pop album, no credit to Paris I’m sure, but she does seem to have forked out for some very good songwriters and producers.

If you like pop, you’ll like this album!! Oh my god I can’t believe I’m writing this!!

And I’m not alone! Here is a professional’s opinion.

It’s easy to hate Paris Hilton, but any pop fan who listens to Paris with an open mind will find that it’s nothing but fun.

One Response to “Rock Bottom?”

  1. mark says:

    You know, a guy from simon’s work announced that he had purchased a download of this very paris’ album. My stream of consciousness (in a half second) was:

    “…uh…oh really, how cool…I wonder what is sounds like…hang on a minute…paris…album….um, why? why? why would someone buy that album?

    Do you think this album is an indicator of (um) some kind of taste? (I haven’t heard the album, yet the entire concept I find oh so appealling. I’m keen to give it a listen – reminds me a little of Naomi Campbell and “love and tears” in its concept)

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