The First Day of the Rest of Your Trimester

// July 10th, 2006 // Kids, Study

First day back at university today. As is typical, biology was interesting but kind of waffly, and chemistry was a full-on barrage of incredibly complicated formulae which one’s brain struggled to comprehend. But having said that, I have got my results from Trimester 1 back and I can’t really complain. Say no more! Nice to be back on my scooter and the weather even cooperated with a perfect winter’s scooter-ridin’ day.

We took Archie back to have his dressing removed from his thumb today, and the good news is that it has all healed very well! He now just has to have a little bit of tape over it to give it stability, but he can have baths again and most importantly has his hand back. I think he was getting sick of being Stumpy.

I went to see Over the Hedge with the boys yesterday and thought it was excellent. That Steve Carell really is a comic genius.

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  1. Ant says:

    Glad you had a satisfying conlcusion to your first trimester at Uni. Well done, Dr Scully!

    Hooray for Archie on the mend. What a little trooper. And looking much happier in the latest pics.

    My jury is still out on Steve Carell. We have been attempting to watch The 40 Year Old Virgin in a few sittings now, and it hasn’t really impressed much – contrary to populist opinion. I have to note I think SC is really unimpressive in The Office (USA) – or is that just in comparison to the original? I do see tho he is slated for a Get Smart movie in production later this year and I do think he has potential for a worthy Agent 86. Fingers crossed.

  2. nellybloggs says:

    I heard it was A+ for both papers! Go Dr Emily!

  3. mark says:

    Hey, can I put in a photo request?

    I’d like to see a photo of Emily (and maybe some her uni chums?) dilligent at work in full lab coats and safety glasses etc, on task with some sort of biology experiment or something?

    Maybe a shot of the actual experiement too?

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