In The Wars

// July 4th, 2006 // Kids

We have had a dramatic couple of days with young master Archie. Glyn was visiting from L.A., and about two hours before we were going to take him to the airport, I managed to crush Archie’s thumb in the bathroom door, on the hinge side. It was messy, the nail was cut right across at the base and lots of blood. So off we went to A&E – poor Arch screaming his head off of course. We got seen pretty fast – due to all the screaming I’m sure – and he was given some morphine which calmed him down A LOT. In fact I have never seen him so relaxed at the hospital! Turned out his thumbnail was pretty much severed at the base, and there was a deep laceration as well. So we were referred to Hutt Hospital to the Plastics unit. Arch had surgery yesterday to stitch up the laceration, and also they reattached the thumbnail just to act as a guide for the new nail that will grow. He came out with a huge bandage up past his elbow! He recovered well from the anesthetic and was a very brave little boy. We were very exhausted as we went home, picked up Harry (thanks Max, Sophie & Helen for your childminding help!) and went to put the boys to bed at 8pm or so. Imagine our shock when Jan was pulling off Archie’s sling to get his pyjamas on, and the WHOLE BANDAGE came right off his arm, and the thumbnail was sticking up in the air again. So it was a mad dash to drop off Harry at Helen’s again and go back to A&E! The doctors decided it was not worth the risk of another general anesthetic to reattach the thumbnail, so now it is quite likely his thumbnail might grow back a bit wonky. He is all securely bandaged now and coping well with being one-armed for a while.


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  1. Rebecca P. says:

    Wow, I saw your pictures on flickr, and thought I would come to read more about Archie’s injury. Fortunately, little ones don’t remember pain long, and there tolerance is usually much greater than ours.

    Hugs for Archie from across the sea.

  2. Ren says:

    big hugs for yr brave little man! sending much love…x

  3. tricia says:

    What a brave boy! What brave mommies and little bro! Monster marathon group hot springs hug from California.

  4. Ant says:

    Poor Arch and poor Jems. Great love and warm wishes for you all to bounce right back soon.

  5. hers says:

    We had a recent incident just like yours but with a granddaughter. It’s really awful to go through it. I also believe it’s harder on the grown-ups in the family than the kids. I didn’t know who I was upset about most. My granddaughter or my daughter.

    Get well soon.

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