// July 5th, 2006 // Kids

As if poor A didn’t have enough to deal with, last night he had a ghastly tummy bug – heaps of vomiting, he went through 3 duvets, 2 blankets, 2 pillows, a mattress protector and 2 sheets. His last puke was at 1am and then we all slept in. He came and climbed into our bed and we were hit with a rather ripe smell… turned out his sleepsuit was bursting at the seams with diarrhea!! Yummy! So it was a morning bath for him, with one mummy washing and the other holding his bandaged arm out of the water. Then of course we realised that there was diarrhea all over his bandage, so it was back to the doctor for another re-bandaging.

Seems like maybe this family has a hex on it – can anyone lift the curse?

3 Responses to “Hex”

  1. hers says:

    I’ve done an Auckland Un-Hexing. It’s the best that I can do :)

    That’ll be the morphine or the anaesthetic. I remember those days. Do take care of all of yourselves.

  2. org says:

    oh my crikey poor poor archie! and bravo to all of you lot for coping with the craziness and still somehow managing to blog it like you’re smiling… Hugs to all! xxx

  3. Ant says:

    oh shit! how crap for you all to have yet more dramas. i hope my bad puns help lighten your load. ;-)

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