Moment of Truth

// June 30th, 2006 // Study

I bought my study guide for BMSC114, Human Biology, which I am doing this coming trimester, and it looks like what I dreaded has finally come to pass.

Make a small hole in the hind leg of your rat, use this to tie the numbered label firmly to your rat, then note the number in your book. This is your rat; you will be expected to identify it in later laboratories…

Pick up your rat and open its mouth. How many teeth does the rat have of each of the above types? …

Using scissors, carefully cut through the skin and body wall in the midline from rib cage to public symphysis. Do NOT cut forwards into the thoracic cavity, i.e., where the ribs are…

To secure your rat use only two dissecting hooks and stick them through the body wall flaps, attaching the strings to the dissecting tray as demonstrated. DO NOT MOVE THE INTESTINE AT THIS STAGE.

And so it goes on, for three x two hour labs.

I guess I will finally discover if my Agent Scully-like medical career fantasies are reality or fantasy.

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  1. mark says:

    be sure not to rupture the large intestine – the smell! also, blowing up the lungs with a drinking straw down the trachea is interesting – just like sponges! (be sure to blow and not suck)

  2. Jessie says:


  3. Ned says:

    Good luck Ems! Just thank your lucky stars its not a cadver! XXX

  4. Ant says:


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