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Fortune Favours the BraveI had a good weekend with Dad zipping up to Hamilton and back (for my overseas readers, a “zip” to Hamilton takes about 7 hours each way). To make matters worse, the central North Island has been having the worst weather in a long time – aboslutely wintry snow – and the main road north was snowed under and closed to traffic. We decided to take our chances that it would be open and departed Saturday morning – “fortune favours the brave” said Dad. Sure enough it opened about an hour before we got there. It was amazing driving between Taihape and Waioru – looked like Switzerland! A little snow can really transform the landscape. Conditions were pretty much a white-out on the Desert Road but we made it safely through to beautiful sunny skies in the Waikato.

Went and saw my Nana in her rest home which was the flashest place I have ever seen – huge bowling green out the front, a water feature every few yards, and luxurious hotel-like rooms. She seems happy and has a bustling social life going! Then had pizza with my aunts and uncles at the old family home, which my grandparents built and lived in for 64 years – it goes up for auction in a couple of weeks. No one seemed very sentimental about it!! Then Dad & I had a quick flutter in the casino, where yet again my utter lack of any kind of gambling luck was exposed – luckily Dad had covered me for my lost $20.

ShroudedIn the morning we loaded the ute to the gunnels with china, single beds, family photos and parfait glasses, and headed back down the island through more snow and scenery; we finally got home around 9:30pm. All in all, quite relaxing! Poor Jan of course did solo parent duty but didn’t seem too insane when I got back.

There’s a little photoset of the trip here.

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  1. Jessie says:

    Great photos!

  2. nellybloggs says:

    Lovely to see you and Rog going down memory lane – and to know Nana is in such luxurious surroundings! And so good you will be looking after the precious family photos.

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