Freedom Isn’t Free

// June 21st, 2006 // Kids, Study

Yay! I am a free woman! No reading to do, no assignments, no study – at least for two weeks until Semester 2 starts. I was fairly happy with the exams – chemistry could have been better but I am feeling very positive about biology – and am certain I passed both at the very least.

Now of course I have heaps of work on that I’ve been putting off due to study commitments. Also I’m heading up to Hamilton with my Dad this weekend to see my grandmother and help with the sorting out of her house (she has gone into a rest home). Also next week Archie is having a scan done of his thyroid, and they are going to knock him out for it (chances of him lying there perfectly still for an hour – zero). Still I’m certain to get some World of Warcraft played and maybe even update this blog! Hurrah.

4 Responses to “Freedom Isn’t Free”

  1. tricia says:

    Yay you! Hope you get some World of Warcraft in. Sounds like you’ll be busy with the regular crazy things that life entails. Good luck with Archie’s thyroid scan.

  2. Karen says:

    Don’t s’pose you are able to make that extra 1 hours drive from Hammy to come see us? Too busy?
    We could show you a real good time!!!
    The Bubble who is now almost at school, is very keen to meet you and has often asked me who are those mysterious Wellington Lesbians and why have I not meet them? ;-)xxxk

  3. emily says:

    Karen, I would love to! But I don’t think it will be possible as I won’t have my own car and will only be in Hammy for about 24 hours total. You are welcome to come down and see me!! :)

    Thanks for the good wishes Tricia, we’re a little freaked about it.

  4. Ant says:

    Welcome back to the world… or the online one as such.

    Glad you feel good about last semester; you’ve worked hard! Amazed at all you’ve taken on! x

    All the best with Arch. I will be thinking of him, and you all too as freaked out as you are. Hope everything’s okay. Big kiss form me!

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