I’m Back

// May 2nd, 2006 // Kids, Life, People

Once again I have proved to myself that if I don’t blog every day, I will fall by the side of the information superhighway in a pile of unmotivated goo. So once again I am resolved to take up the baton of bloggliness and put up a post every day, even if it is a boring link or You Tube video – but SOMETHING. Despite all the madness life is throwing at me at the moment, the blog must take priority!!

So, a quick update:

Busybusybusy. So busy. The kind of busy where you’re almost hoping you have a heart attack or a nervous breakdown becuase then at least you’re be lying down. But that’s a natural consequence of doing two papers, having two toddlers and having tons of work on I suppose. Oh, and also I have a chemistry exam tonight but am succesfully blocking that from my mind, as I haven’t had any time to study for it.

Busy being a “solo” mother while I work. Bringing up our offspring brilliantly. Doesn’t have anyone to play World of Warcraft with any more.

He’s had a horrible lurgy the last week with a rash and hoarse throat. But back at kindy today for the first time in ages. Hooray! Is currently obsessed with Madagascar and (still) Hi-5.

Cute but evil. Charming yet strongwilled. Many many tantrums interspersed with incredibly cute chattering. He has invented some new words including “hopalop” (lollipop) and “oranjinin” (orange).

3 Responses to “I’m Back”

  1. Samuel says:

    YAY! your back.

    I won a copy of Serenity on DVD and Serenity mouse pad (how redundant, who doesn’t have optical mouse?) anyway they shall become your property when i pop over tomorrow to see mum. I think you need Serenity more than me.

  2. emily says:

    Yay for you! Thank you so much. You sure know the way to a girl’s heart.

  3. Karen says:

    Oh yes, welcome back, how I’ve missed you so! You are my link to the outside world and some sense of adultness when my days are consumed by crying, smiling, farting, breast fed baby…………Aaaaaaah. It is such a demanding monster baby! I look forward to your everyday blogs! Yay!

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