Chemistry Sux

// May 3rd, 2006 // Culture, Gaysville

Ghastly test experience last night. I’ve had too much work on and only did about two hours study for it, and then sure enough it was really hard and tricky. Still I think I will pass, but not with my normal flying colours – alas!

I just got the programme for the OutTakes Film Festival, one of the highlights of the queer year in Wellington. Very excited to see that Loving Annabelle will be screened – forbidden lesbian teacher / student affair in Catholic boarding school – it’s gotta be good.

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  1. Steph says:

    Wow, you’re song pick of the day is the second norwegian music reccommendation I’ve recieved today.

    I also got this mail: have you heard ‘I Feel It’ by Lorraine? Top mid-80s, Pet Shop Boys-style MOR pop from scowling young Norwegians in black. It’s soooo sweet!

    It’s a nordic Music Invasion!

  2. hers says:

    Thanks for the movie pick. I haven’t checked out the film festival yet. So slow off the mark at the moment!

  3. org says:

    if you like lorraine i can help you out there… and yes yes uh huh i am “loving annabelle”‘s friend on myspace, ha ha. it hasn’t been screened here cos england is CRAP like that so you will see it first! ps am gonna see TPF soon for the first time hurray! x

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