Religon-Based Bigotry

// April 14th, 2006 // Gaysville, Politics

A new Christian group has been formed in the USA to promote the acceptance of gay, lesbian and transgender people. Some multi millionaire is funding advertisements in Christian publications. They have some very powerful print ads.

Faith In America

Good on these guys! I must say that I am guilty sometimes of a negative attitude towards Christianity that’s hard to shake when you are faced with certain fundamentalist attitudes. Great to see someone standing up for moderate, tolerant Christianity!

Here’s a great article about this by Kim Ficera.

3 Responses to “Religon-Based Bigotry”

  1. Cherry Ride says:

    That ad is getting a lot of attention here in the States too (a good thing). Glad to see it making news elsewhere too.
    (Hello from Chicago! I was in Wellington about a year ago. Felling nostalgic, I’ve been looking at Wellington blogs and came across yours. Nice work!)

  2. Avo says:

    Very powerful message, I think its with good reason to accept gays in chruches mainly because who knows if you will bring a gay man out of that sin and into a purification with Jesus CHrist.

  3. emily says:

    Hmm – maybe you’re kind of missing the point here?

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