Suffering Continues

// March 8th, 2006 // Life

Our hangovers have bled into what we think is an honest-to-goodness tummy bug – oh joy. Apparently everyone at kindy has it, I just hope everyone who was at the Oscar party doesn’t get it! I’m not too bad today but Jan is a bit sick.

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  1. Samuel says:

    thanks for the other night…. no tummy bug as of yet. if anything else goes wrong in my stomach though i might just give up food for ever. (ie in the last 6 months i have had salmonella, then that xmas bug and now possibly an intenstinal ulcer).

    Very disapointed in my oscar skills though not as bad as my super 14 picks. i am very close to the bottom of the Public Address league on the virtual super 14 site.

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