// March 18th, 2006 // Life

Two big changes have occurred in our lives recently that have altered our day-to-day existence. My starting university is one. The second is the realisation that I have NOT been bringing in enough cash to support us all, and essentially we’ve been subsidising ourselves with a redraw facility. Not a pleasant realisation! So now not only do I have to fit in 12 hours at the university each week, but also 30 billable hours of work. It’s all been quite challenging so far. No mucking around with Flickr or blogging, just trying to work solidly and consistently, and even then I am slipping behind. Hopefully it will all settle into a routine soon!!

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  1. org says:

    OH that SUCKS ! sorry to hear about cash probs as well as sorry that you have to blog less cos i love your work! i mean i love your BLOG (though i’m sure if i knew yr work i would love it too…?)! good luck and get crackin! xx

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