Still Having Fun With Chemistry

// February 1st, 2006 // Science, Study

At my chemistry tutorial last night, we made a start on organic chemistry. It is the area of chemistry that deals purely with carbon molecules. It was fascinating! We got to play with those little plastic models with spheres and rods, and learned all about the very rigid naming conventions for carbon molecules. And about “aromatic compounds” and all sorts of cool stuff. Our tutor is an organic chemist so she was really enthusiastic and I think it rubbed off on me. Perhaps if I am really crap at biology (soon to be tested) I can become a organic chemist instead.

Our lab week begins on 20th Feb and my opportunities to permanently scar myself with some particularly dangerous chemical will begin!

2 Responses to “Still Having Fun With Chemistry”

  1. Karen says:

    Please become an organic chemist, I just couldn’t stand it if you became a organic chemist! ; )

  2. Sonnenblume says:

    Hey, Organic Chemistry is totally cool!!!! Plus, if you go to graduate school to be an organic chemist, they pay you a stipend to get a Ph.D. where in biology they don’t necessarily do that. Also chemists always get higher paid jobs than biologists!

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