So Tired

// February 27th, 2006 // Geekery, Life

I had to work all weekend, until 1am last night. Then get up for a 9am chemistry lecture – my first day of Semester 1. And guess what? They gave us an assignment that’s due in on Friday. Oh joy. A lot of spotty first years – 250 in our class – but I’m just hanging with my homies from CHEM 191. Good to have buddies when surrounded by so many hormones.

Now I am feeling the weariness of burning the candle… hopefully a routine will emerge soon.

The boys are a bit wearing at the moment – they seem to have a bit of sibling bickering going on, and are really trying to push each other’s buttons! We are hoping it’s just a phase. There’s only so much us parents can !take. Poor Jan is dealing with the brunt of it at the moment of course!

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