Outlook Outrage

// February 16th, 2006 // Geekery

In December I switched to Thunderbird for my emails, and am happy as pie with it. Only one problem – somehow when I imported my addresses from Outlook, it corrupted my PST file and now I can’t access any emails prior to December!

In a way this is quite liberating – I had so many years of emails filed in folders, and my inbox itself went back to 2002. But suddenly there are three really important mails I need to get out of there, and I can’t seem to bloody repair it.

I run the Inbox Repair Tool, and after scanning it says there are only “minor inconsistences” and repairing it is “optional” – then as soon as I click repair, the whole bloody thing crashes. Argh!

UPDATE: I’ve fixed it! Turns out that the Inbox Repair Tool hadn’t actually crashed, but just gone squiffy while it spent three hours doing the repair. All better now!

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  1. Karen says:

    Speaking of emails, don’t know if you are aware that your emily@jemsweb address has been sending my paradise emails back………..only in the last 2 days mind. And seems to be alright in the morning, returns only seem to occur in the afternoon…………hmmmm do ya know what I mean?

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