Moan, Whinge, Complain

// February 3rd, 2006 // Life

Hellish expedition into town this morning. First I was late for my chiropractor appointment, couldn’t find a park on the Terrace, and promptly clipped the car in front while trying to park! No damage done luckily. Then no change for parking meter outside L’Affare, which led to $40 parking fine. At least Harvey Norman let me exchange the crappy el cheapo DVD discs I bought, even though I had already turned 9 of them into coasters. Damn I hate when you get a bad batch.

The traffic is a nightmare in Newtown at the moment. They’re ripping up Adelaide Road for no good reason again, and it takes about 5 times as long to traverse that two blocks than the rest of your journey. Also what is with the one lane on Aro Street? Drives me mad trying to get to university. Time to buy a Vespa! (Note how I am NOT planning to buy a bike, no fear)

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  1. Noo Noo says:

    Come and live in the country!!!

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