First Day In The Lab

// February 20th, 2006 // Geekery

Spent 9am to 4pm today in the undergraduate chemistry laboratory. It was fine to start with, heating various substances in test tubes over a bunsen burner, pretty much what I’d expected. The afternoon got fiddly, trying to measure a volume of water to 0.01 mL accuracy in a pipette! It required co-ordination and patience, neither of which are my strong point. Only managed 0.03.

Three more days of lab time and then a big test on Friday.

It was orientation week and there were rather a lot of seventh formers about. Scary to think soon I will be amongst them all, just another boring mature age student!!

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  1. Patrick says:

    Yes, I’ve noticed those… first years. Do they really have to come to Uni? They make it so much harder to get to the important things (like coffee).

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