// February 14th, 2006 // Geekery, Life

I just got all my textbooks for my first semester courses. They are SO heavy and huge. Luckily I’m only doing two papers, or I think I would need chiropractic help to carry them all around.

The books themselves are very glamorous though. Especially the biology one, which seems to cover everything from cell biology to viruses to chimpanzees to ecosystems. Well worth the $130 it set me back.

Also I recently realised that I have misjudged the number of hours I’ll have to be physically present at the university, as I didn’t factor in a THREE HOUR lab session for chemistry and a TWO HOUR one for biology. Every week! Damn sciences.

And it’s just hit me that I will have to cut up little bunnies. Damn.

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  1. Ant says:

    Oh dear… poor bunnies. Well, I guess they are already dead, so poor you! I opted out of rat dissection at school. Only to have the tip of a rat’s tail put down the back of my shirt as an extremely not funny joke! Luck!

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