Wedding Wrap-Up

// January 10th, 2006 // Life

IMG_1121The wedding was bloody fantastic! In fact the best I have ever been to. The weather co-operated and everything went perfectly. The ceremony was very simple and sweet (and included the vows “I promise never to go to bed angry and to always kiss you goodbye”. I didn’t lose the rings and handed them over on cue. Dins arrived in a coach pulled by two huge Clydesdales! (Not pumpkin-style sadly). Archie and Harry were perfectly behaved. Dinner was delicious and the cake was astounding – a replica of the Sphinx as the happy couple are honeymooning to Egypt. The speeches were beautiful – especially Jake’s best man speech, which despite including the phrase “philandering stallion” was loving, honest and touching! The dancing continued well into the night and it was all beautiful. I’ve created a set on Flickr for those who want pictures.

The next day there was a nice relaxing lunch with the bride and groom at a spot called Toad’s Landing just outside Masterton. At least it would have been relaxing if one didn’t have toddlers or there wasn’t a large unfenced pond. Inevitably Archie eventually fell in but was rescued immediately.

My Uncle Shaun brought a special gift to the wedding – a little pony for Archie and Harry! His grandchildren have all outgrown it and so Snowy is coming to live at Noo Noo’s place. Archie just loved sitting on his back. Harry is a little more cautious. How exciting to think of all the fun they are going to have!

Came home to lots of work and a messy house. Of course this means I am blogging now instead of working. Hmm.

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  1. christine says:

    that is so cool about the pony! i hope noo noo doesn’t mind taking care of it when you’re not around. Taking care of animals is key in the growth and development of any child. My roommate from college has a severely autistic son who works in their neighbor’s stable. He is meticulous and careful and does a wonderful job — he LOVES mucking the stable and sings the whole time. Hopefully your boys will be able to spend time there helping out and working (a little older perhaps…) and many years ahead with Snowy.

    Glad for the update. I’ve been wondering for days.

    Now the question begs — where are the pictures of you in your fabulous picked out just for the wedding clothes??? Hmmmm?

  2. emily says:

    It’s not a deliberate oversight, I just didn’t take any pics of myself! I am in the official shots though and will try and track down any others :)

  3. org says:

    the wedding looks and sounds SOOOOO lovely and perfect! please deliver love from us and “we-wish-we-coulda-been-there”s too… xxx

  4. Ant says:

    It does look like it was a great affair. Great setting and beautiful people… although the groomsmen’s shoes leave a lot to be desired, a few faux pas there ;-) I really love the boys outfits though, well done on that account. And I too would love to see what you came up with for yourself. x!

  5. Karen says:

    Wow, bloody wow! I just googled “emily jan” on the www and you came 4th in the line up of results. But I guess you already knew that! Wow, I am so impressed! You are a clever cookie!

  6. org says:

    try googling “harry walker-wright”… the kid’s a rockstar now! (CDs to follow…) xxx

  7. Mike says:

    Ooh, sounded like a fine time indeed, perfect

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