Dykelings and Straight Girls

// January 20th, 2006 // Gaysville

We’ve been watching a British series on DVD called Sugar Rush, which is all about a teen lesbian who is terribly in love with her straight best friend – yes I know! Watching THREE lesbian-themed tv shows at once! I love living in the 21st century…

Anyway, this particular show has brought back lots of memories of being a young teen dykeling, and having tortured crushes on straight girls and all the torment that ensued. I think I finally have some perspective on that time in my life, and have started to see things from the straight girl’s point-of-view.

So for any struggling teen lesbians out there, here is my analysis of the “dykeling-straight best friend” dynamic.

  • dykeling falls for straight girl < --> dykeling develops friendship with straight girl (whichever comes first)
  • secret all-consuming passion on dykeling’s side –> friendly devotion, very supportive friend who would do anything for other
  • straight girl has deep appreciation for this very valued friend, unaware or only subconsciously aware of the other’s true feelings
  • dykeling too scared to tell straight girl of true feelings, fearing loss of friendship / humiliation / exposure as crazy lesbian freak :)
  • this equilbrium can go on for many months or even years – two years is my record! Very very torturous for dykeling
  • finally feelings are exposed deliberately or accidentally
  • straight girl is very surprised, doesn’t want to lose best friend, thinks “maybe it can work”, kisses dykeling
  • dykeling is over the moon! It is all meant to be! Written in the stars! True love!
  • straight girl realises it is not going to work, she is straight and cannot reciprocate
  • straight girl kisses or picks up boy in order to make it very clear that there is no future
  • dykeling is utterly heartbroken and confused
  • friendship is over
  • Yes, that’s the way it seems to pan out.

    Except for those straight girls who turn out to be lesbians after all, like my darling Jan! Even then we didn’t have the “friendship” part, we were only friends for three weeks before we kissed. But then I was out then which makes all the difference.

    So I guess my advice to dykelings of the future is: 1) honesty and 2) out yourself early on, if you can.

    4 Responses to “Dykelings and Straight Girls”

    1. hers says:

      Goodness, you two are onto it in the vid stakes aren’t you?

      I love the realationship analysis. Compulsive reading.

    2. Lynne says:

      Then again you get the clueless, not really straight girl who doesn’t really catch on for years (like me).

    3. Allie says:

      noooooooooo, give me back my denial!

    4. bitter@twisted says:

      what say you to the ‘straight girl with a crush’ scenario?

      I had another one of these last year – she tells me she thinks i’m hot, and wants me sooo bad, but alas can’t reciprocate (she’d rather stick with the guy she’s not happy with – why else would she be looking my way?) and then denies all later.

      I thought I was doing the ‘right’ thing by not pushing the issue…but it all went bad anyway…

      Friendship over, no hanky panky; nothing!

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