// January 12th, 2006 // Kids, Life

I took the boys to the park yesterday and they astounded me with their athleticism! Harry is an accomplished climber and has mastered rope ladders and metal curvy ladder-like structures. Archie is obsessed with the little flying fox and can go the whole way dangling and holding tight with his hands. Of course his overprotective Ma isn’t quite brave enough to let go of him yet.

Harry is going through a very independent phase. He has just discovered he can say “No” and make his own choices. He has naturally taken this to the extreme! We hear a constant refrain of “No, Ma, no. Come on, Ma. No. Come on.” Amusingly since meeting his new Scottish cousin Kean at the wedding, his “No” has taken on a distinct Scottish accent! I’ll try and get some more audio recordings up.

Archie is finally feeling better after a long bout with a nasty cold. It just takes him so long to recover from these things, and many many anitbiotics. We have taken him off dairy products to see if that improves his health. Anyway he’s very happy at the moment, though I think he is missing kindy a bit.

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  1. Steph says:

    Just start to worry if it gets to “ach, naw”

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