Fear of the Clothes

// December 29th, 2005 // Life

I’m going out today to buy a dress to wear to my brother’s wedding. And I am going ALL ALONE (no babysitters to be had). I hate clothes shopping, I always seem to buy the wrong thing and end up never wearing it. Thus I am heavily reliant on the advice of others!

I’m feeling quite stressed out about it all! Time to drag out my copy of “What Not To Wear”…

If only one could wear lovely Star Wars t-shirts to weddings….

2 Responses to “Fear of the Clothes”

  1. Ant says:

    Stick to The Rules and you’ll be right. Kia kaha!

  2. christine says:

    Ugh. I look like a cow in dresses/skirts. I’m round… so putting a dress on me either accentuates the round or makes me look like i’m wearing a mu-mu.

    Good luck… I’ll send you fashion mojo.

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