Busy Busy

// December 12th, 2005 // Kids, Life

Unexpectedly got tickets to the Return of Fly My Pretties at the Opera House on Friday night, and managed to find a babysitter, so off we went! It was a great show. I had been to the gig at the Paramount but I think I enjoyed this one even more. Maybe cos it wasn’t being recorded for commercial purposes, everyone was a bit more chilled out and the whole thing was more relaxed. And all the performers were obviously stoked to be playing to such a big crowd which made it special as well! (Except for Sam of course as he’s an old hand at such things).

Then embarrassingly, me & Jan got a dedication from the aforementioned Samuel, which was really very sweet and flattering, but made us turn bright red and giggle uncontrollably like a couple of nincompoops. Hurray!

Woke up on Saturday morning and impulsively decided to go up to the Wairarapa for the weekend. After all, when you haven’t bought A SINGLE PRESENT yet and there’s only TWO WEEKS till Christmas, why not spend a whole weekend lying about on a deck drinking wine and being lazy?

We had a lovely time though and the boys loved it. However had a hellish ride home over the Rimutakas. Ex howled the whole way (he has a car phobia) and then Harry vomited everywhere in spectacular fashion. (For my international readers, “the Rimutakas” is a very windy mountainous road one must traverse to get to the Wairarapa and in fact the main reason for NOT going) And we didn’t have any clothes to change him into so he had to wear one of my t-shirts. Which was actually very cute.

And now back at work, still seemingly in denial about the festive season. When will this ghoulish procrastination end?!?

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  1. hers says:

    One of my older kids was a vomiter. We have a photo somewhere of her and her carseat being hosed out after a particularly hot, sticky and smelly trip.

    Ahh, them were the days :)

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