A Vomity Christmas

// December 27th, 2005 // Life

Christmas has been pretty good but marred a little by the ever-present evil tummy bug, which went through my sister, brother and Archie. Christmas is a bit compromised when half of those present can’t eat or drink. Still, we adapted. The weather has been lovely and the fat little white sheep have been gambolling in the fields. The boys enjoyed Christmas Day a lot and got SO MANY PRESENTS it was ridiculous! There was a bit of grumpy sugar overload though.

My mum’s wireless router is working a treat, nice to be online all around the house. Trying to get some work done today!

2 Responses to “A Vomity Christmas”

  1. Tara Marie says:

    So sorry the tummy bug has hit you….I hope your New Years is free from bugs and that you have a magical and blessed New Year.

    Peace and love, Tara Marie & Emma Sage 4

  2. christine says:

    Sorry it finally caught up with IronClad Archie… I thought he’d escape.
    Feel better soon.

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