Why I Am A Genius And Other Modest Observations

// November 30th, 2005 // Geekery, Life

  1. I have just managed to retrieve my mother’s Outlook emails from a newly formatted hard drive
  2. This means I am now more than competent to start my own computer repair business in a small town
  3. I managed to complete and hand in my first chemistry assignment three days before it was due!

8 Responses to “Why I Am A Genius And Other Modest Observations”

  1. Brena says:

    Yup. Genius.

    Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back though ;-)

    Tip: Do stretching first to limber up :)

  2. rosie says:

    wow, that is impressive. I knew having a genius for a little sister would make you lift your game eventually.

  3. hers says:

    How about being the Wellington branch of my business?

    0800 – GEEKSRUS

    0800 – GEEK ….

    My people might be in touch with your people?

  4. emily says:

    Sounds like a great plan, hers. Dial-A-Geek? And you can be the Auckland branch of my website development thingy…

  5. Noo Noo says:

    You ARE a genius. I am soooooo grateful. All that investment in the maths puzzle books you were addicted to, which I bought every week in the supermarket when you were a pre-schooler, has certainly paid off! GO GAL!!!

  6. hers says:

    Fabulous. Lets get our people to talk.

    Hang on I have no people. I am my own people.

    Now I am confused. Which is nothing new.

  7. Steph says:

    See, I consider myself completly in the Nerd-Pile (I have all the Red Dwarf DVDs) but the last thing I remember in Chemistry were the words ‘Covalent Bond’, and then it became all mathematical and I just… stopped……… listening……….. zzz.

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