Time Out

// November 14th, 2005 // Kids, Life, People

Jan had got to the end of her fulltime mummy tether by last Friday afternoon, so it was time for a weekend off from children. I took the boys up to my mother’s house in Greytown (about an hour’s drive from Wellington) for the weekend. They are both sick with colds and thus rather ratbaggery, but we still managed to have a lovely time. It’s so beautiful out there. We drove around a lot listening to Kate Bush (I think I’ve converted Noo Noo) and took the boys to an animal park on Sunday, which they loved! Archie liked the chickens best and seemed to be having deep conversations with them. Harry loved the ostrich until it bit his finger! It bled a bit but was quite small – a very exotic injury though. Handfeeding ostriches is a risky business. Jan had a very relaxing childless time and was positively glowing when we returned last night. Thanks Noo Noo for having us – now summer’s here I think we’ll be spending lots of weekends in the Wairarapa.

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  1. noo noo says:

    You have converted Noo Noo – I can’t wait to get my own KB album. I find myself singing little KB type versions of my activities around the place in kind of ‘washing machine’ mode. Helps relieve the drudgery of domestic tasks.
    And I loved having you and the boys to stay, especially the exciting visit to the slightly risky animal park! The viciously friendly ostriches Maggie and Barry were a once in a lifetime experience, which I’m sure we will always remember (especially Harry).

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