The Essence of Nerd

// November 21st, 2005 // Geekery, Life

My CHEM 191 course starts tonight, and the course outline arrived on Friday.

I thought I was geeky cos I liked computers. I thought I was geeky cos I watched Buffy. But if I get through this syllabus, I’ll KNOW I’m geeky:

  1. Measurement, Matter, Atomic Theory
  2. Molecular Mass Nomenclature etc
  3. Atoms, Electronic Structure of the Periodic Table
  4. Oxidation Reduction Reactions
  5. Chemical Properties of Elements
  6. Thermodynamics
  7. Aqueous Solution Acids and Bases
  8. Electrochemistry
  9. Organic Chemistry

We had a lovely weekend with my Nana. She is in really good shape for her age, especially mentally. She loved the boys and they loved her!

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  1. rosie says:

    that is so great about the nana.

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