Monday Blues

// November 7th, 2005 // Life

Even when you work from home, Monday can get to you… all those images to upload to Flickr and blog posts to write… it’s just too much pressure!

Didn’t go to the Bats (babysitter cancelled), didn’t let off any fireworks (Archie sick), but did manage a nice brunch at Paekakariki yesterday with some new friends. Always nice to hook up with a fellow Xena fan. The Xena clock gave it away.

The gym is going well. I went for the sixth time today! Tried the cross trainer and it was a killer – I think I’ll stick with the treadmill. It’s amazing how quickly your fitness improves, already I am bounding up stairs without breaking a sweat.

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  1. acp says:

    Well done, you did it. Nice weekend wrap up to keep the punters informed. Thanks.

  2. Steph says:

    You better stop with the gym blogging, your google ads look like mine, and I have pretty much a one track mind (in blog-land at least).

    PS… I know it’s horrid, but the cross trainer or the steppers give you a better workout, and don’t knacker up your knees etc. At least that’s what it says on the label. But hey, the treadmill is oodles more fun just because of the sheer absolute pointlessness of it, and if you’re a dumbass like me, the inherent risks.

  3. samuel says:

    i used to like the rowing machine for cardio…it makes y9ou feel like your in an ad for moro bars… the healthiest of all the chocolat bars obviously

  4. Naomi says:

    Try the cross trainer again, it feels really odd when you first use it but is definitely worth the effort. Much better for your joints as well, my knees got pretty buggered when I was using the treadmill (many years ago)

  5. Mauzy says:

    More time to blog and work out? I wanna work from home..whine. Actually my first visit, but I will come back because I really want to learn how to say “knacker up your knees” appropriately. Too cool.

  6. steph says:

    Is the rowing guy from the moro ads, now the rowing guy doing the panadol ones, after buggering his joints up through rowing?

    Oh my god, that sentence looks like it was casted by Ralphie from the Simpsons.

  7. org says:

    oh god i love the cross trainer it was my total fave and then i switched gyms and they didn’t have one so i quit. the end . x

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