Harry’s Happy

// November 1st, 2005 // Kids, Life

It’s Harry’s birthday today and he is feeling great! Archie had a big tantrum in the morning when we broke the news to him, but came around and helped open presents. We ended up getting him a big wooden train set which he loves and has been playing with all morning. There’s a family party happening this afternoon. Happy 2nd birthday Harry!

I went to the gym for my first weights day today. I feel completely worked out now post-weights – my little arms and legs are aching and floppy. But in a good way! Interesting that Amy’s program for me and George’s for Jan are completely different, even down to things like Amy told me to stretch after each set of weights but George told Jan to stretch at the end of the session. I guess this experiment will help us learn who is right.

2 Responses to “Harry’s Happy”

  1. acp says:

    Happy Birthday Big Boy! Big love and hugs! xoxox

    And from my experience with a Personal Trainer, I believe stretching in-between sets helps the muscles grow. So, if your goal is to be Ms Universe, or just more toned, this would make sense. Stretching after a workout sounds more like a “warm down” kinda thing.

  2. ren says:

    Happy Birthday, Harry!!! Sending all my love to the wee munchkin! xxx

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