Wuthering Highs

// October 29th, 2005 // Music, Obsessions

From Popbitch:

Kate Bush’s long-awaited new album Aerial is out next month. Kate did a few interviews, then started cancelling press appointments. Then she allowed a few phone-only interviews. And then stopped again.

The reason? Apparently Kate feels she is looking rather fat.

Kate of course is one of the music industry’s most famous stoners. At the height of her career, a lackey was dispatched from her record company once a week to deliver to Kate, in her country house, a lump of marijuana “the size of a brick”.

As well as explaining any weight gain (presumably from late-night Pringles), the pot-smoking may also account for some of the unusual lyrics on her album – such as this magnificent piece of poetry:

“Washing machine
Washing machine
Washing machine
Washing machine”

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