Things That Annoy Me

// October 17th, 2005 // Geekery, Life

When your beloved life partner goes out for the evening, and you think, “Hey! This’d be a great time to finally try out World of Warcraft that I got for my birthday TWO MONTHS AGO!” So you sit down at your computer and start installing it. It takes about twenty minutes per disc, and there are four discs.

Then the installer totally crashes halfway through disc 3, and you realise you have to start all over again. By which time your beloved life partner has returned from her evening out and the entire night has been wasted surfing the internet while waiting for this DAMN GAME TO INSTALL.

Isn’t there a better way, Lord?

3 Responses to “Things That Annoy Me”

  1. Heartless says:

    Sucks, but the game is well worth the install :)

    Hand over the credit card and let the other side of the relationship go wild for a weekend :)

  2. Brena says:

    This is exactly why I have been playing PSP and DS games and not PC games anymore. Switch on, play. No video and sound tweaking not to mention controls. Easy. Although I wouldn’t expect a decent version of WOW anytime soon on a handheld…

  3. rosie says:

    what a nerd-burger.

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