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We drove out to Mum’s on Saturday and retrieved our eldest child. He seemed rather chuffed to see us all, though Harry wasn’t as excited to see Archie as all his babblings would suggest. Since then they’ve been playing together really well though, so I think they did miss each other. And when Archie was at kindy today, Harry started again with the “Archie… Noo Noo… car”. NO, HARRY!

Archie has started Term 4 kindy, and will now be going five mornings a week! Which means he gets a support person four mornings a week. However they are still looking for someone.

I am sick and have been a bit miserable all weekend. Hate that spring sickness that sneaks up on you just when you think you’ve had such a healthy winter.

Made the font size a bit smaller just for fun. Enjoy.

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    eek , fot to small cant se my spelling mistakes, ow hurts

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