Missing You

// October 7th, 2005 // Kids, Life

Harry came out to wave goodbye to Archie yesterday as he headed off in Noo Noo’s car with his bike. Ever since then he has been constantly saying… “Archie, car” or “Archie, car, bike!” or even “Archie Noo Noo car bike!”.

And a couple of times we’ve caught him calling out “Archie! Archie!” like he thinks Archie is hiding somewhere. But then he remembers, “Archie, car, bike!”

3 Responses to “Missing You”

  1. acp says:

    Oh, how cute. Well, it’s a good growing experience for him too then. The reunion will be interesting.

  2. rosie says:

    that is so adorable, more harry voice recordings please!

  3. acp says:

    I second the request for voice recordings :)

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