Life Long Learning

// October 18th, 2005 // Life

Jan is thinking about enrolling for some university courses and has brought home heaps of info from Victoria and Massey. So of course I have now got obsessed with doing a particular degree – Bachelor of Biomedical Science. Cool huh? Unfortunately it would take me about 8 years to do it while still earning a living and supporting the family. And of course I have completed the first year at varsity twice already!

Still, I can dream… wondering if I should do the Introduction to Chemistry course over the summer to get up to speed…

5 Responses to “Life Long Learning”

  1. rosie says:

    again, nerd-burger

  2. acp says:


  3. emily says:

    I’ll show you all when I’m a top flight bioinfomatics expert! Or something!

  4. acp says:

    I was laughing at Rosie’s comment… but picturing you as Scully when thinking of the other matter :) You go girl… split that atom!

  5. rosie says:

    did you see the nerds on their website that have completed this degree? Not a good social move.

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