Harry Speaks Again!

// October 10th, 2005 // Kids, Life

Due to popular demand, I sat Harry down this morning and recorded some more Harry sounds. He wasn’t in the most co-operative of moods, but I did manage to get a few and here they are!

Harry quacks

Harry laughs

Harry says “Apple”

Harry says “Dog”

Harry roaring

Harry says “Baby”

Harry says “Archie”

or download a zip of these words for posterity.

7 Responses to “Harry Speaks Again!”

  1. rosie says:

    aw so cute, thanks,

    it is good that he says “apple” so well as I think he should marry little baby apple (gwyn and chris’s wpple) she is so cute.

    And I’m serious, when you post a comment this font is WAY too small, I can’t actually read what I sm writing.

  2. rosie says:

    hey you should go to my blog today, there is good story on there from thismoring that you may appreciate after insemination stuff x

  3. rosie says:

    inspired by the playdoh photos I just went to kmart and bought me some. For scchool work of course! god it smells good!

  4. emily says:

    Ooh it is really quite small, I’ll see what can be done about that!

  5. org says:

    oh harry has the HIGHEST voice in the world! it is TOO HIGH! it is WILD!!!! i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! MORE MORE MORE!!! ps when he says “Archie” he sounds like jan though. i dunno how that works but it does. x!

  6. samuel says:

    is it small? it all seems wooireeerd…. playdoh does smell great.

  7. acp says:

    Thanks for doing these… they were just the cutest thing ever!!

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